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Functionaliteit | Pixerang Web Galerij


Upload photos from Adobe Lightroom

We strongly believe that Lightroom allows to master your photo collection in the most efficiët way in combination with Photoshop. For that reason we chose to integrate our web gallery in this workflow. Even those who don't believe in Lightroom get eventually convinced after a short introduction.
Import photos, select, and send to the web gallery; everyone can use it. And it's the fastest and most efficiët way without doing superfluous work.Once you get feeling with the system, you only spend 1 minute with placing your images online. You give the gallery a name, you choose a password, input a 'category/folder_name' and hit upload... That's it!

Simple navigation and order system

We intentionally kept the entire web gallery simple and clear, so the client can enjoy the beautiful photos without unnecessary clutter. The photos can bie viewed in slideshow mode, or can be manually explored. When the photos have a decent size, they can fill an entire 30" monitor while still be decent viewable on an iPad or iPhone! Your client always has access to a summary of the chosen photos, and can choose different formats per photo, or remove photos from the list. On top of that, the client can choose one of 4 available languages (NL? FR, DE, EN). Photos can be downloaded or marked for inclusion in an album, the sky is the limit!

Email with order details

Both you and your client receive a professional looking email with your logo and all order details. Every order line begins with a miniature photo. This simplifies retrieval of your photos and review of your order when delivering to your client. On top of that, the client gets a clear summary of his order. The email also contains a flat text file with the order, for printing. Additional order info can be supplied via the admin panel.

User friendly admin panel

You're one of those people who want more control over the system? Through our admin panel you can modify and optimize a lot of parameters. From within the admin panel you can send an email to your client, informing him or her that the photos are online. This email automatically contains the correct link to the gallery. Off course you can setup multiple email templates, so you can provide a text for communions, for marriages, etc. You don't want photos to be displayed in the index page, no problem! We got it covered!

Watermarked photos on the server

Your precious photos are being put watermarked on the server so there is no way someone can retrieve your photos without a watermark. We provide a watermark that contains a copyright sign together with your name. So it's practically impossible to remove it using Photoshop, and it's not annoying when browsing through the photos.

iPad and iPhone compatible

Flash was king, but Flash rules no longer. Our Web Gallery is flash free where needed, so clients can enjoy viewing your photos on their iDevices. The system detects the client on which the images are displayed, and adapts accordingly. On iPhone/iPod photos can be viewed, but not ordered. On iPad the full functionality is available, just like on a desktop computer.

Order handling and automation

Through our expertise and experience with RIP-software and Lightroom we can further automate your processing and printing of your orders. This is one of the areas where our web gallery shows a lot of future potential. We want you to collect and process your orders with minimal effort, because therein lies your profit!

The future...

  • Electronic payment (Mastercard, Maestro, ...). Drop us a note if you're interested in this feature!
  • Ability to create invoices or delivery notes of the orders.